Always be Ready


Ready… Set…. Stop!

You know the feeling. You’re getting ready for something, everything is going okay. You’re not totally prepared, but winging it should be good enough. I mean, it’s worked before, so why change it up?

But then it happens. Something comes up. Or breaks. And all that work and effort comes crashing down like a deck of cards.

Because that’s what was set up in the beginning… a house of cards. Everything was set up just right, but it didn’t have any structure to it. It worked as long as everything was working well, but if the “table” get rocked or something knocks it, down it goes.

Think of it. When we want something to work really well,

  • we explore outside the box,
  • think about it,
  • go through all the possibilities,
  • plan it out, and
  • then test and prove it.

With this we can make systems that are always available, regardless of issues or problems, internal or external.

Or machines within machines, capable of moving things into place, and repairing them,

And we can make machines able to come up with the right response, without being programmed with every possible response beforehand. Self {fixing|cleaning|maintaining|improving}.

So, what are you ready to do?